Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Daugther's Request

Posted by iya_khin at 04:25 6 comments
I met a young lady long time ago
‘Til now I still remember when we first met
She was so excited when she saw me
The laughter and the joy was all over her.

Day by day she’s there to walk with me
She holds me so tenderly and lovingly
She was even there during my first word
In my heart I say, how lovely this lady were.

Everything is so easy when I’m with her
She always guards me when I’m in trouble
She treats me like a princess,
And when she sees me happy,
Oh my, the smile on her face is priceless.

As I grow old, I didn’t even noticed she’s growing old too
The image of maturity is not seen in her
She’s so cool, I wonder how she done it?

We had so much fun before
She really tried her best to give me all I want
She was really into me
She really was my great angel!

But there was a point I let her down
I betrayed her, I‘ve become weak
But in spite of it she’s still there
Waiting for me with an open arms.

Words can’t express how thankful I am
To know such a beautiful person
Even she’s broke with nothing left
She still strives hard to give me the very best.

Many time I told her that I love her so much
But even those words are not even enough
To repay her what she’s done for me
Truly she’s an extraordinary!

Now we’re apart, how I miss her
I know deep down she’s missing me too,
I want to reach her, feel her
Wanted show her that she’s so wonderful.

Now times seems so limited between us
I wanna run away, I might be left by her train
Can’t help myself to burst out
My hearts breaking don’t know what to do.

Still I thank God, letting me feel at peace
Knowing she’ll be with Him how amazing it is!
Just been crying out to Him now for my request
My God, I want to join her
Together we’ll bow down and on our knees.

I know God you hear me
Want to ask you something
and it’s a daughter’s request;
Light her candle as bright as it can be
Fill her lamp with so much oil
That even up to my grandson’s and daughter’s
will be lighten and brighten by her.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Posted by iya_khin at 03:19 5 comments
In my deepest pain I grieved
My hearts breaking, tears are falling
Can’t help myself not to think
What I have done are all mess
My efforts are all meaningless.
his riches I don’t need
his promises are tricks
he hold me captive
See now, I’m almost drowning.
Yes, everything now is meaningless
My time, my strength, my youth wasted
Day and night I have labored
Still I see my hands empty
he gave me stone instead of bread
he gave me poison instead of water to drink.

Now great storm is around me
Thunders striking, winds heavily blowing
Hold me now, I’m losing my grip
It’s so strong, take my hands don’t let go
My God, my Savior I call unto you.

My God I cry unto you
I have sinned
Many times I failed you
I’m so weak, I’ve been deceived
My Lord, help me to make it through.

Hear me Oh Lord
I know these are the consequences
Help me to bare it, be my shield
Help me to fully trust in you
I’m laying down all my of burdens under your feet.


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