Thursday, 28 April 2011


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First of all....naks umi-english na naman ako...ehem...I would like to thank my fans for supporting me in spite of this nonsense write-ups; still you're all there....wasting your time and epal much to my comment box..I do appreciate it...I THANK YOU!

1. state who tagged you
2. state 10 things you love
3. tag 10 other bloggers

I was tagged by Ms. LEAH of MY TASTY TREASURE - - (winkwink blushing) thank you for this! Charrrr
Actually it's already 12:20am and my brain's already drained out and I feel so exhausted.....yawn...

So to make this post short I will start with my 10 little fingers...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - - - did I asked you to count?! hhhhaaaaayyyyy...yawning......


1. I love boys BOOKS!! Have a dozen of it....waiting for me to be sobrang dami natatamad pa ako..
2. I love my SIMS! got a bunch of collection from scratch to 3D.
3. I'm in love with you my phone...thanks to Lablayp's gift i'm always connected with different varieties of social networking...HARHARHAR
4. I love my eyeliner, currently wearing DEFINE-A-LINE ebony black from Maybelline
5. I love bracelets / bangles 
6. I love perfume...sweet scent..i'm not particular with brands as long it's original
7. I love Mr. Lappy (laptop), he's so handy I can take anywhere with me.
8. I love my rice cooker! hahaha
9. I love my bed....
10. I love YOU!

sorry doesn't make any sense....too lazy to think...sleepy...i'm sleep typing...sleep typing...sleep typing...

can i break the rules also?!! Just wanted to tag 5 bloggers...


If you find your name stated here please kindly discontinue! lol

Waaah....damn too tired.....



Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You are my forever LOVE

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I will love you for the rest of my life....
Happy Birthday!


You are my forever love
You are my forever love
You are my forever love
You are my forever love
From the bottom of my heart I’ll sing to You
From the depths of who I am I love You
With everything inside I’ll run to You
‘Cause all that I’ve become I owe to You
Nothing in this world could ever separate us
I will love You more than anyone on earth
Nothing I desire could ever satisfy me the way that You do

Monday, 25 April 2011


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Wow! Ang ganda naman ng rest house nyo!!! Gulat at mangha ang halos lahat….maliban sa akin. Hindi ko gusto ang vibes dito, it’s creepy….sabi ko sa kanila. Of course you might be feeling that way kasi this house was built way older than you and us! Duh! Sabay irap ng mata ni Lhuloy.

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Si Akoni. Takbuhan ang lahat palapit sa kanya .OMG!! Hang-pogi ko naman!! Habang nakaharap sa isang napakalaking salamin sa loob ng guest room. Walangtod ka!! Akala namin kung napaano kana!! Kakagigil ka sobrang cute mo! pasapak nga! Panggigigil  ni Diamondr sa kanya. Don’t do that again please….may pag-aalalang sabi ko kay Akoni sabay pormal ng loko. Halikana Iya, wala lang magawa yan sa buhay nya, asar at masama ang tingin ni Banjo. Sabay hawak ng kamay ko at hinila na akong palabas.

Sa ikalawang-palapag pala ang mga kwarto, pili nalang kayo kung saan ang gusto nyo tutal may anim na kwarto dyan at nakaayos naman lahat. Inabisuhan na kasi kami ni Sir BINO (daddy ni Lhuloy) bago kayo pumunta dito kaya napalinis ko na lahat kay SUPERJAID. Magiliw na sabi ni Lordcm. Nasaan nga po pala sya? Tanong ni Empi. Nasa bhay umuwi lang sandali wala kasing kasama yun kapatid nyang si EGG eh. Sagot ni Lordcm biglang iwas ang tingin sa kanya.

Sabay-sabay na kaming pumanik, since malalaki naman ang mga kwarto nagpasya nalang kami na magkakasama-samang girls, habang ang mga boys naman ay naghiwalay sa dalawang kwarto. Magkakasama sila Akoni, Leonrap, Kikomaxxx, Musingan at Diamondr samantalang si Empi, Banjo at Keatondrunk ang nasa kabila.
Mag aalas-nuebe na ng gabi ng nakaramdam ako ng gutom, tulog ang mga kasama ko kaya dahan-dahan akong bumaba at hinanap ang kusina. Nagulat pa ako ng madatnan ko doon si Musingan “Magic Man, Kuais, Finish Cooking Ahhh…” biro ko sa kanya. Nag-mala alien din sya “Ey finish Cooking Ahhh….” Tawanan kaming dalawa. Wag ka ng mag-abala Iya, ako na muna ang magluluto ngayon tutal nasimulan ko na, tulungan mo nalang akong maghiwa ng mga ibang sangkap dyan para dito sa iluluto ko. Utos nya. Ay, sandali may nakalimutan lang ako sa taas balik din ako agad. Pagmamadali ko. Di na sya nakaimik dahil lumabas na ako agad.

Iya, ikaw na ba yan? Habang abala parin sa pag-hahanda ng pagkain si Musingan. Iya?! Pagtataka nya.

Huh?! Musingan?! Nagtataka ako ba’t wala sya. Nasaan na ang mokong na yun at iniwanan lang ang niluluto nya. Aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!(Nadulas) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Nagimbal ako sa aking nakita. Di ako makahinga, bumaliktad ang sikmura ko....nanghihina ako…..MUSINGAN?!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Walang buhay at nakahandusay sa aking harapan, langhap ko ang malansang amoy ng dugo,umiikot ang paligid ko. Wakwak ang tiyan, labas ang bituka,nagkalat kung saan-saan ang ibang parte ng katawan,tirik na tirk ang mata, naliligo sa sariling dugo, nakakapangilabot. (Takbuhan ang tropa sa kusina)



Saturday, 23 April 2011


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Last Thursday I and my boys went to the mall. We don’t really have any plans to go out that day but our son wants to buy something…actually we promised him that if he got good grades we’ll buy for him an @#$%^&. Well he did!! So as a good parents we kept our promises, anyway we don’t have to pay for the whole amount because our son had saved his allowance also so we just gave him the additional amount in able for him to buy that thingy….nose bleeding…..

Nahilo ako….

So much about that, this post is not about them…

We were roaming around the mall and my Lablayp asked me if I want to check something in Virgin’s. Inside you’ll find different kinds of items, to electronics, cds, ect..ect…ect…and BOOKS!! Betchabygolly WOW! My weakness…..

So I was checking each shelves, I don’t really know what particular book I want co’z I wasn’t prepared for this..LOL
Then suddenly I came a crossed with this pinkish book…hmmm….THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER by Jojo Moyes. I was a bit curious; actually I’m not into romance type when it comes to books. So I just grab it not because I was interested but only because I love the color..PINK! So I browsed each pages and these captures me……

Happy birthday! Enclosed is your birthday present which I hope you like…
I am thinking of you especially today…
because I have decided that though I love you I am not in love with you. I don’t feel that you are God’s one for me.
Anyway, I really hope that you like the present and that you have a fantastic birthday.
Female to Male, via letter

I love you anyway – even if there isn’t any me or any love or even any life – I love you.
Zelda to Scott Fitzgerald, via letter

Ano daw?!!!!

So here it is….I bought a copy!!!

Started reading the Prologue.....intriguing!

Well, yun lang umi-english lang!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


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written by a dear friend of mine...YIEN YAN

Yen is holding her bottle of Pepsi with one hand, gobbling it up like she is never going to taste that drink anymore. Just like in the commercial, she finished drinking it with a big “Aaaahhh!!” and burped like hell.

Yen. That is what I call her. When I am in my nicest mood, I call her Yen-Yen and she loves it.

Yen went back to eating her noodles that I cooked for her, a little spicy, the way she likes it over a weekend morning. She eats it with a cold bottle of Pepsi. She is in the middle of writing a story and I know she can no way be disturbed for anything. So what I do is sit here in the bed and try to read my own favorite book. I have now finished Haruki Murakami’s 4th short story called Thailand in his book After the Quake. When I rest my eyes out of the book, I stare at her back, take my earphones off and listen to the tapping of her keyboards. It has become a sweet melody to me. And of course as usual, I wait and see if she turns around and gives me a smile. But that has never ever happened.

Yen leaned her back on her swivel chair. “Uh-oh” I said. “This is not good.” Yen never rests when writing. She is always glued on her screen. That is why she always complains about her back pain when she is at her normal state. (And that means, when she is out of the computer.) She said that if her momentum gets disturbed, she forgets what the story is about and then she becomes totally frustrated and depressed. As expected, she put her hand on her forehead and began to cry.

“Is everything alright?” I stood up and asked her. I wanted to touch her, but I can’t. She did not answer. I took the 2 liter bottle of water lying on the floor and gave it to her. She ignored it. She just kept on crying.

“Can you leave me alone?” she said to me.

I just stood there, surprised. This is the first she had asked me this. She would always want me to bring her water, get the power plug on, hand her earphones, take out her blanket because she’s feeling cold. But this… she wants me out of here. This is something different.

“Do you want me get a fork for your noodles?” I asked. “Shall I get you more coffee?”

“I want you to leave me alone.” I am not mistaken this time. She wants me to leave her alone.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, fuck it, just leave!” She is now out of her regular tune. I am sensing her voice shaking and angry.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Please leave me alone, I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to break your heart, I don’t want you to get stuck with me forever. You should have a life.” She said.

“Is this going to be one of your stories again?” I said. I wanted to initiate a laugh. Laugh, like what we used to do when she is at her lightest mood. Laugh, so she would get the idea that I am not taking her seriously. I just thought that if I smile or giggle or tickle her, it might change the course of this conversation.

Yen is a frustrated writer, that’s according to her. Frustrated because her muse is her miseries. She can't write when she is not melancholic. But I believe otherwise. I believe she is going to have her break someday because she has the passion. I know that the big opportunity is just lurking around the corner for her. She has always wanted to publish her own book. I may not be the best judge but I am going to be the proudest if that happens.

I also know that writers like her have the biggest mood swings. They can be the happiest people on earth at one point and can be at their lowest of lows, when struck with with the big "D" - depression. It is always difficult to understand them. It is absurd though, that she is surrounded with a lot of friends. That’s not impossible because she is never boring when with them. She is fun, she is smart, she plays around like a fool and there can never be dull moments with her. Only few people have ever seen her serious, gloomy face. Only few people have seen her cry and I am one of them. But I am not sure if that is one that I should be proud of.

“Do you want me to call Yuri?” Yen can never be with a lover. That Yuri name… I just made that up. There's a lot of men in her life. Men can never understand a fucked-up crazy bitch like her. They are never going to take her seriously or worst it could be the other way around. Men can only be challenged because Yen ~ is not an ordinary girl. There is something sweet and annoying with her. She doesn’t like being teased of being beautiful, because she believes that she is not. She always gets embarrassed when she is told that she is pretty. But I have always thought that she is. Her personality says it so, it’s the whole package of her that makes her the most beautiful woman in the world. Plus the fact that I am always attracted with weird women.

She looked at me straight in the eye. The rage is burning me. It gave me the creeps, as I have been with her for the longest time but she had never ever looked at me in the eye.

I am the only one who stayed with her when she is at her despondent state. I believe that I am the one who keeps it together for her. She always said that she can tell me everything, without any force at all. She had never told me to stay with her, but I did. Even if I know that she can always choose to be with any men that she likes. Men who can protect her and love her and accept her for all the nutcase that she is. But she rejects them all.

“You are a hopeless, miserable emotional bullshit, yes that’s what you are!” I heard one of her lovers said that. “You are scared of your own self. You are in love with your miseries. You are fucking driving me insane! I love you, I love you. Please, I beg of you, love me too!”

But Yen just stood there. I know she wanted to cry, to pick that man up from his knees while weeping and tell him, “Yes, I love you too, I want you to own me. I want to be happy with you. I want to have a contented life with you.” But she remains standing and then she slowly walks away.

“If that is what you want, then I am going to leave you alone. Take care of yourself, Yen.” I opened the door and closed it behind me. I thought that maybe, it’s now my turn to leave.

And then silence.

But I can’t. I can’t leave her for just one second. I can’t breathe without her. She is my life. So I turned around at an instant. I opened the door again and turned the lights on which I don’t remember turning off. She is no longer in front of her computer. How can she move in bed in a split second? That was really quick! I began to wonder. I saw her cuddled inside her duvet and I assumed her to be peacefully sleeping.

“Rest well then Yen, I think you are just tired.” I told her. But she began shaking inside those sheets, like she is feeling cold or something. But it’s not cold, the AC is off, in fact, it’s really warm in her room. I called out her name, while I am wiping my own sweat.

“Yen-Yen?” she did not answer.

I saw a dark spot starting to form in the sheets. I wondered what that was. It is wet and is beginning to spread all over the bed. I touched it. A warm dark red liquid has appeared at the tip of my middle finger. I am not mistaken… blood. Right away, I uncovered the sheets from her. I saw her lying in her own blood. I saw the knife in her right hand and a small piece of muscle in the other hand. I am in total terror... I am uncontrollably shaking. Blood is still gushing out from her throat. I am calling out her name “Yen!! Yen!!” I am shouting at the top of my voice but nobody seems to be hearing me. Yen sliced her throat but before she did that, she first had cut her ear. They were all there, her ear and the knife.

I opened her cabinet, I am starting to feel cold and dizzy myself. I am looking for something to wrap her throat to stop it from bleeding. But the moment I did that, I saw my reflection in the cabinet door mirror, my face and chest all covered with blood…

One ear missing.


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I became a crazy fool because of you....
And now how easily you let go of my hand?
Just a blink of an eye, you left me all alone....

Now I understand.....
I was right....
I was just a foolish girl....


Monday, 18 April 2011

MASID (ikalawang kabanata)

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(Babala: ang inyong mababasa ay pawang kathang isip lamang. Lahat ng karakter sa kwentong ito ay hinatak ko lang at dinamay ng wala silang kamalay-malay. Tabi-tabi po sa mga kumakain at mahihinang puso, huwag pong ituloy pag di kaya ng powers nyo.)

Surprise!!! Magiliw na bati ni EMPI kay Lhuloy. Oh you’re here….biglang simangot at parang namutla ng makita nya si Empi sabay lingon kay Kiko. Your dad asked me to drive for you guys para naman daw alam nyang safe kayong makakapagbakasyon dahil kasama nyo ako. Isa si Empi sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan ng daddy ni Lhuloy at isa din sa masugid na manliligaw nya. Pare, nililipad ako may bagyo bang dumating? sabay angas ni Akoni at akbay kay Kiko. Tawanan.

Sya nga pala, ito si Keatondrunk sasama din sya sa atin para kung mayroong aberya sya ang expert dyan. Pagpapakilala ni Empi. O my gosh! Akala ko ba tayo lang ba’t ang daming sabit?!! Pagtataray ni Jhengpot. Hayaan mo na atleast marami tayong body guard sabi ko sa kanya . Oo nga para naman may gagawa para sa atin if ever may kailangan tayo, pagsang-ayon naman ni Kamila. Whatever! Pagsusungit pa din ni Jhengpot.

Nagsimula na silang maglakbay. As usual sobrang ingay sa loob ng van, harutan at tawanan. Magkakatabi kaming girls sa front seat habang ang mga boys ay di magkamayaw sa likuran.  After 3 and ½ hours na byahe kailangan pa naming sumakay ng pamboat papunta sa resort nila Lhuloy. Nahihilo ako, sabi ni Kamila, dahilan sa maalon ng araw na yon at medyo uulan pa yata. Ako din nasusuka! Pag amin ni Musingan. Ano ba yan! ang hihina naman ng resistensya nyo di kayo tumulad sa akin! Pagyayabang ni Leonrap. Huwag ka ngang mayabang dyan, eh kanina ka pa nga pasimpleng sumusuka dyan! Supalpal ni Jhengpot sa kanya. Habang kami naman ay tahimik na nakaupo lang. Ok ka lang? pagtatanong ni Banjo sa akin. Oo naman, ok lang ako. Tugon ko sa kanya habang nakatanaw ako sa karagatan.

Magtatakip-silip na ng makating kami sa pangpang ng isla. Isang lalaki ang sumalubong sa amin. Kamusta Mang LordCM? bati ni Empi. Maayos naman ako iho, masaya ako at nakadalaw ka uli. Sagot ni Lordcm habang nakatingin sa aming lahat. Nagkakilala silang dalawa dahilan sa minsan ng naisama si Empi ng daddy ni Lhuloy ng ipaaayos nila ang resort. Senyorita Lhuloy, buti naman at sa unang pagkakataon ay nakapasyal ka dito, tama lang din ang pagdating ninyo at tapos na ang mga pag-aayos ng mga kwarto. Good! Matipid na tugon ni Lhuloy. Hali na kayo at mag gagabi na mahirap pag-maabutan tayo dito ng dilim. Pagmamadaling paanyaya ni Lordcm.

Sa di kalayuan may isang nilalang na taimtim nakamasid sa kanila. Isang nilalang na nagkukubli sa dilim at tahimik na nakikiramdam sa bawat galaw ng magkakaibigan. Waring kay tagal ng naghihintay, dumadaloy ang pigil na pagkasabik sa kanyang katauhan na sa bawat galaw ng mga bisita’y tumatagos sa kanyang laman……………..


Saturday, 16 April 2011

MASID (unang kabanata)

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(Babala: ang inyong mababasa ay pawang kathang isip lamang. Lahat ng karakter sa kwentong ito ay hinatak ko lang at dinamay ng wala silang kamalay-malay. Tabi-tabi po sa mga kumakain at mahihinang puso, huwag pong ituloy pag di kaya ng powers nyo.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Nakakabinging sigaw ang narinig ko mula sa ikalawang palapag. Balisa ang isip ko, tagaktak ang pawis ko habang hapong-hapo sa paghinga. Halos mawalan na ako ng lakas nanlulumo na ang buo kong katawan…isa-isa na silang nawala..dalawa nalang kaming natitira pero nasaan sya?


Waaah!!! Bakasyon na!! O guys saan ang gala natin?!! Excited na pagtatanong ni LEONRAP  sa grupo. Sampu kaming mag-babarkada, si AKONI ang pilyo sa grupo, LEONRAP na maingay, ISTAMBAY na henyo pero astig, KIKOMAXXX da muscle man, MUSINGAN na mahilig mag-magic, DIAMONDR na akala mo’y tahimik pero rock! Sa mga babae naman, si KAMILA muse ng barkada, si JHENGPOT na gifted child, LHULOY ang rich girl ng tropa, at ako si IYA_KHIN simple pero di pahuhuli.

Lahat kami halos magkakasama na simula pa sa elementary, highschool at ngayong  nasa kolehiyo na. Magkaiba man kami ng kurso at skwelahan nanatiling solid ang barkadahan. Ewan ba at bakit parang magkakakabit na ang bituka namin. Madalas ang asaran, pikunan, harutan, kulitan pero sa huli’t-huli kami parin ang magkakasama subok ng matibay subok ng matatag.

I think we better hit our resort house in Bicol, my parents just bought a small island there which I think exist since 1800’s, banat ni Lhuloy. Eh paano tayo pupunta dun baka sobrang layo naman, tanong ni Leonrap na umandar na naman ang kakuriputan. Don’t worry I’ll take care of everything, I’ll tell my dad about our plans so he will cover what we need. Anyway he was asking what I like for my birthday present, so better ito nalang para maiba naman…hirit na naman ni Lhuloy na halos kaming lahat napapatanga sa kanya.

Sabado ng madaling araw nasa waiting area na kami ng bahay nila AKONI, nag suggest kasi ang mama nya na si MOMMY RAZZ na sa kanila nalang maghintayan para maiprepare nya kami ng almusal bago kami magbyahe. Iya, tawag sa akin ni Istambay etong jacket suotin mo baka nilalamig ka, mag sumbrero ka din kasi medyo mahamog pa at baka sipunin ka. Una palang medyo mas close na kami ni Istambay, kahit na minsan busy sya sa school works eh inaalala nya pa din ako. Di ko nga alam kung bakit pero di naman sya nanliligaw sa akin.  So ayun kinuha ko sa kanya, salamat Banjo ito ang mas gusto kong tawag sa kanya.

Ehem, oist ano yan?  Nagmemelt ako sa inyong dalawa! Bara ni Akoni. Sus nainggit ka naman ikaw kasi makulit ka masyado kaya walang girls na tumatagal sayo, sapaw naman ni Jhengpot. Anong wala?!! Akala mo lang yon,pagtatanggol ni Musingan. Kaso lang kailangan ko munang ihipnotyze bago sya magustuhan. Tawanan ang tropa. Habang tahimik lang na nakangiti si Kamila at Diamondr sa sulok.

Be ready guys padating na ang van natin, Kikomaxxx can you please help me with my bags? Lambing ni Lhuloy kay Kiko. Matagal ng may unawaan ang dalawa pero nililihim nila sa tropa, masyadong complicated kasi ang situation nila dahilan sa mahirap lang sila Kiko at super yaman naman nila Lhuloy. Sabi pa nga langit at lupa ang pagitan nilang dalawa. Hey! Tara na!!! Di mapakali si Leonrap at tatalon-talon pa ng makitang padating na ang sasakyan nila.

And then we’re on!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


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Mga 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ang naging kawindangan ko sa mga nakaraang week. Naging busy din ako sa work ko dahil sa mga meetings sa opisina namin na sobrang inantok ako! Kulang nalang tukuran ko ng toothpick ang talukap ng beautiful eyes ko para di mag-sara.

So ayun oh! Enyway sideways, ano ba itong contest na ito? nawiwindang ako? Ay kagulo! Whaat?!!! Me host ng PBB?!! O my gulay,tinapay,pamaypay! Meeeeee??!!!!  Kelan pa nangyari yun sa tanang buhay ko! I’m so shy, camera shy ako! Oh wag na kayong umangal! Gusto nyo lang bang makipagtitigan sa akin?! Waah!!!

Di ko talaga alam kung anong kaganapan ito, kailangan ko pang mag-backstroke dahil di ako nakasunod sa bahay ni Jhengpot. At sino na ba ang mga nakapasok sa bonggang-bonggang banga ni KUYA at sino sya? At bakit ako mahal kong KAMILA?!! Pang host ba ang beauty ko?!! Huhuhu naiiyak na tuloy ako,parang naiihi tuloy ako..pwede time first muna?!

Sasali lang sana ako dahil excited ako dun sa prize kung ano man yun, pagkain ba yan? bagay ba yan? lugar ba yan? Hayop?!! Wag na yun kasi dami ng nagpapakahayop dito! Wahahah! Joke! Tao?!! Lalaki ba yan?!! LOL wag na marami na ako nyan! Hahahahha landi lang!

So ano?! Tanga mode…………..
Paano ba mag host??! No idea……Tambling-tambling nalang tayo dali! 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ako na ang BUSY!

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Nasa meeting ang beauty ko ngayong araw kaya wag magulo!

Last minute post bago magsimula! Chaio

Saturday, 9 April 2011

V-blog na ewan!

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Gulong-gulo talaga ang utak ko di ko alam ang gagawin ko, kaya heto nakagawa tuloy ako ng v-blog..1st tym! Kayo nalang maghusga kung ano talaga ang nararamdaman ko, kasi sobrang haba ng sinabi ko.......
Dahil sayo bakit ako ganito ngayon......



Nag papacute lang sa cam....speechless ako..hahaha....

Na miss mo ako?!

Thursday, 7 April 2011


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Sitting here like a rugged doll
Unable to lift my head up,
So ashamed of myself
Feeling so stupid, I almost fell…

At the peak of my loneliness you came
You picked me up with a smile on your face,
You caressed me so lovingly
Whispered words i'm so longing to hear.

Someone to talk to is only what I need
But what you have offered me is more than this,
I can feel you all over me…..
It makes me shiver almost gave me fever.

You might be in the right time
You might be the fantasy from my dreams
You might have what I needed
But I might be in the wrong mind to accept this.

Sorry but it’s true
I rather sit here in the corner than to have you
Sorry if this will hurt you
But I can’t love you the way you want me too…..


Still I’ll be here….

Ready to be your friend…

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


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Ilang araw na din akong nag-iisip kung anong ma-ipost ko….wala eh….magulo ang utak ko parang quiapo lang! Katulad nalang ngayon ang tagal ko munang nakatutok kay lappy ko, di ko kasi alam sasabihin ko sa kanya natatanga mode na naman ako. Ganito ako pag may iniisip na bla-blanko  ako, another facts about me kaya kong tumunganga ng matagal! Parang nawawala ako sa outerspace tas bigla nalang mag- aappear….


Ikaw kasi eh!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just like....

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Just like an old guitar I’m feelin’ so distorted
Every strum you make went wasted
No melody comes out through me
So out of tune, better for me to smash it.

Just like an old plane taking off at the dark sky
Chasing every storm as if it wanted to crash and die.
Engine stopped at the mid air;
No auto pilot, better for me to jump soon than flare.

Just like a stubborn child making her mama cry
Unstoppable, so silly but oh so cute;
You capture everyone’s attention
Damn, so hard to resist your charm.

Just like you, to think of you makes me insane
What have you done to me I don’t have any clue?
You’re so irresistible, you almost blow my mind
What is there in you? You always leave me with a smile.

Just like………dropped.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Posted by iya_khin at 22:19 14 comments

There’s something in you I can’t explain
Deep inside me it starts to flame;
This crazy little thing tickles me
Trying hard to stop it, I might lose my breath.

You amazed me and I don’t know why
It freaks me out, better to shout it loud
Your aroma creeps slowly through me
So addictive you drugged my every vein.

hmmm...what are you thinking?!


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