Thursday, 7 April 2011


Posted by iya_khin at 04:39

Sitting here like a rugged doll
Unable to lift my head up,
So ashamed of myself
Feeling so stupid, I almost fell…

At the peak of my loneliness you came
You picked me up with a smile on your face,
You caressed me so lovingly
Whispered words i'm so longing to hear.

Someone to talk to is only what I need
But what you have offered me is more than this,
I can feel you all over me…..
It makes me shiver almost gave me fever.

You might be in the right time
You might be the fantasy from my dreams
You might have what I needed
But I might be in the wrong mind to accept this.

Sorry but it’s true
I rather sit here in the corner than to have you
Sorry if this will hurt you
But I can’t love you the way you want me too…..


Still I’ll be here….

Ready to be your friend…


mommy-razz said...[Reply]

emo.. haha! same here..:)) nice poem iya..

thank you so much for my cute na cute na avatar..mwahugz.

Bino said...[Reply]

isa na namang magandang tula sa wikang inggles. ang galing! di ako marunong gumawa ng poem in english eh. kahanga hanga ka :)

Akoni said...[Reply]


mayen said...[Reply]

naku muka talagang in pain. i love the poem kahit sad. :)

jhengpot said...[Reply]

awts! bumabaon!

YanaH said...[Reply]

bakit andaming mga poem nowadays in english?
kaloka hihihi
pwede bang pakitranslate? lol

musingan said...[Reply]

at napansin kong tula mode ata tayo iyakhin ahhh... naiiyak na tuloy ako sa iyo... hmmmp... pero nice naman mga gawa mong tula...

Diamond R said...[Reply]

wow yon lang ang galing naman.

♥superjaid♥ said...[Reply]

oh bat emo?haay di bale sulat lang ng sulat para mailabas ang nararamdaman time will come magiging ok din ang lahat

rainbow box said...[Reply]


yun lang ang mahirap sa pagibig na hindi pwede. sabi nga, it's not that you don't love each other, you're only on a different level.

empi said...[Reply]

tumutula oh... ayos!

Kamila said...[Reply]

ate mawawala ka two days? paramdam ka pagbalik ah? di kita pipigilan... lab you!!! inhale exhale ka muna ng malinis na hangin!! sana maging relax ka!! pahinga ka muna!

ISTAMBAY said...[Reply]

ouchh... parang we have the right love at the wrong time...

magandang araw sayo...

oh tahan na..

Leah said...[Reply]

Awww... ang galing.

Emo ba? hehe.. Poem of rejection.. I feel sorry for the guy/gal. Still, if friendship is the only thing you can offer, it's a complete waste of time to say otherwise. lalabas na pilit lang...

Nice poem talaga... :)

KikomaxXx said...[Reply]

char.. galing parang emo lang... hehee

egG. said...[Reply]

ang lalim di ko nagets

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