Thursday, 28 April 2011


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First of all....naks umi-english na naman ako...ehem...I would like to thank my fans for supporting me in spite of this nonsense write-ups; still you're all there....wasting your time and epal much to my comment box..I do appreciate it...I THANK YOU!

1. state who tagged you
2. state 10 things you love
3. tag 10 other bloggers

I was tagged by Ms. LEAH of MY TASTY TREASURE - - (winkwink blushing) thank you for this! Charrrr
Actually it's already 12:20am and my brain's already drained out and I feel so exhausted.....yawn...

So to make this post short I will start with my 10 little fingers...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - - - did I asked you to count?! hhhhaaaaayyyyy...yawning......


1. I love boys BOOKS!! Have a dozen of it....waiting for me to be sobrang dami natatamad pa ako..
2. I love my SIMS! got a bunch of collection from scratch to 3D.
3. I'm in love with you my phone...thanks to Lablayp's gift i'm always connected with different varieties of social networking...HARHARHAR
4. I love my eyeliner, currently wearing DEFINE-A-LINE ebony black from Maybelline
5. I love bracelets / bangles 
6. I love perfume...sweet scent..i'm not particular with brands as long it's original
7. I love Mr. Lappy (laptop), he's so handy I can take anywhere with me.
8. I love my rice cooker! hahaha
9. I love my bed....
10. I love YOU!

sorry doesn't make any sense....too lazy to think...sleepy...i'm sleep typing...sleep typing...sleep typing...

can i break the rules also?!! Just wanted to tag 5 bloggers...


If you find your name stated here please kindly discontinue! lol

Waaah....damn too tired.....




Bino said...[Reply]

wala ung tag. hahaha. rice cooker? hmmm sabagay convenience. hehehe

Akoni said...[Reply]

okay lab u din... :)

mommy-razz said...[Reply]

ang cute ng mga love mo pero bkit nasali ang rice cooker? hehehe..

mayen said...[Reply]

Wee.. we have 5 things in common.
1. I love BOOKS!! – Me too, Kahit ano basta maganda. Mahilig ako sa novels and inspirational books. Ang dami ko na din books na di pa nababasa. Kulang sa time.

2. I love my SIMS! got a bunch of collection from scratch to 3D. – I’m a SIMS addict too. I just can’t get enough of them.

3. I love bracelets / bangles – I love wearing them and I love making them.

4. I love perfume...sweet scent..i'm not particular with brands as long it's original- I also prefer sweet scents yung parang hahabulin ako bubuyog sa tamis ng amoy. Hehe..or yung amoy na bagong ligo. Yung amoy freshness. Hehe

5. I love my bed....- my bed doesn’t look awesome but it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Sorry na-carried away ako sa pag comment. Hehe.. Have a good day!

Kamila said...[Reply]

hahaha I lab u din ate koooo!!! HMWUUAHH!!!

mommy-razz said...[Reply]

i lab u din iya..:)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

hmmm bakit kaya love mo ang ricecooker? dahil mahilig ka sa kanin? Hehe


jedpogi said...[Reply]

kung love mo rice cooker ako love ko.... yung rice hehehehe....

Leah said...[Reply]

Hahaha.. NICE, iya! :))) You're welcome. Idadagdag ko rin sana ang "bed" sa listahan ng LOVES ko.. kaso I don't love my current bed. It's not too comfy.. :)

Rice cooker.. mahilig kang kumain, obviously. hehe... Napasma tlga sa listahan eh.

rolito said...[Reply]

I read some of your posts and I don't think they are non-sense. I think that you have a creative mind. At times, I even felt your passion in your writings. I wish you will come up with posts that truly establish you as a writer. Please don't be like the others who write just for the sake of writing and who comments just for the sake of making comments. Write because you have something important to say and comment because what you say helps the other person. Take care!

Diamond R said...[Reply]

hahhahaha.damn so tired nga .parang gumagapang habang nag type.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

nasermonan ka ni sir rolito..haha..ang arte niya..hehe..pakyo ka pare, pakyou...write something important at comment something like tae ka pang nalalaman..hahaha

Leonrap said...[Reply]

chos!!! ahahahaa

walang makoment.. walang masabi.. lutang isip ko eh... hehehe... love ko ang perfumes, ung matatapang ang amoy. gusto ko yun!!! padalan mo nmn ako dito. hehehe

♥superjaid♥ said...[Reply]

hehehe cute post di ko alam kung bakit anyway..i lve breaking the rules in terms of this stuffs too hehehe

Sey said...[Reply]

akala ko hidden yung mga naka-tag. Ni-highlight ko wala pala. hehe! sige sleep na!

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@bino hahaha!napadami kasi kain ko kagabi!

@akoni sumasagot?! ba't para sayo ba yan?! lol

@mommy razz syempre cute po ako eh,kaya cute ang post! chaarrr

@mayen hahaha!mwaahugz to you!magkakasundo tayo!

@kamila i love u baby!!

@mommy razz hahaha! i love u too po

@empi obvious ba?! hahaha! cant live without it!

@jedpogi sige ipagsasaing kita! hahaha

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@leah hahaha! love ko talaga bed ko..pag nakalapat na ako tyak ngorks na agad ako! hahaha! oo mahilig akong kumain basta mag pagkain!hahaha

@rolito wow kuya thanks sa comment,kakatouch nman! winkwink.....salamat nakakainspired.

@anonymous pare walang basagan ng trip.....bawal po ang nagmumura sa blog ko...baka di kana magising dahil sa bumubula na ang bibig mo...peace out!

@diamondr ramdam mo ba?!

@leonrap ahaha! insenso papadalhan kita!

@superjaid ako din di ko alam bakit naging cute ako ay este itong blog ko! hahaha

@sey talagang hinighlight?! hahaha! tamad akong maglink eh..kaantok

musingan said...[Reply]

1. I love boys BOOKS!! wow.. ako hindi na masyado ako nagbabasa eh.. blog niyo na lang nga.. di ko na halos mabasa.. ehehehe

2. I love my SIMS! I used to play it... but now.. I already stop... hayst... nakakawalang gana na rin kasi...

3. I'm in love with you my phone...ako din.. I still used my old Sony ericson... super love ko pa rin siya... ehehhe...

4. I love my eyeliner, currently wearing DEFINE-How I wish... bagay sa akin gumamit niyan... kaso parang ang sagwa.. ehehhe

5. I love bracelets / bangles --.. same here.. bracelet lang... jahahha... bibili nga ako sa sahod ko eh...

6. I love perfume...sweet scent.. same tayo.. may dear.. I dont have any particular brand... pero I love perfumes... pero wala akong collections... apat lang ata ang perfumes ko.. pero kapag naubus na ang isang bottle.. bili agad ako ng bago.. at di ko inaantay na maubus ang isa pa.. alternate nga ang gamit ko eh...

7. I love Mr. Lappy (laptop), --.. ano pangalan ng lappy mo.. ako pangalan niya ay si Muztaza... ahahha.. wala lang.... trip ko lang yun ang pangalan niya...

8. I love my rice cooker! hahaha same here.. napapdali ang trabaho ko.. dahil sa kanya...

9. I love my bed.... wow... may favorite place,,, hahaha..

10. I love YOU!--- iloveyou rin.. ehehhehe

MOKS™ said...[Reply]

Rice Cooker?!!! pagnangungupahan ka nga naman at busy sa trabaho at kakatwit, rice cooker ang sulusyon sa madaliang pagsasaing...hahaha teka wala naman tag...

MG said...[Reply]

haha i found that hilarious. youre right " you " is a thing..nyahahaha . love rice? haha

Jag said...[Reply]

Para sa akin b yun no. 10? lolz!

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@musingan hahaha! talaga quote n quote ang comment ha! yan ang di nagskip read! hahahah!

@moks hahaha! apir! oo para walang hassle sa pagtwit ko! hahah! wala talagang tag yan pasaway ka di ka nagbabasa mabuti! hahah

@MG thanks for droppin by! hahah! yeah!love rice?!! abviously! hahaha

@jag san ka ba nagpupunta?!! namiss kita kuya! para sayo?!! depende kung gusto mo! hahaha!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...[Reply]

i love you too.....para sa number 10..

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