Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Posted by iya_khin at 02:14

All is gone into wasted...
Don’t know what went wrong
Why it have to come to this point?
There’s no hope
Darkness and fire rules your world.

I wished that I heard your cries
I wished you had spoken out what’s on your mind
I wished I have been closer to you
It might help and have saved you.

Now your soul has gone astray
I can just imagine the look on your face
You’ve been weak and were betrayed
How foolish now it’s too late.

Death is not the way out
Lifeless you are, the more hopeless you’ll be.
Why you haven’t been strong enough?
This question I have is left unanswered.

Why there should be silence when you could speak out?
Why you have to take your life and give your self a doubt?
Don’t be fooled by this world
Ev’ry difficulty we have is just like a storm
And we’re just passing through…

It will end…..
Surely it will end….

Now silence is all you’ve got
I know you want to shout but you’re now out
Hopeless, we can never reach you out
Tears and regrets will surely pass out.

It will end…
But death….
It’s not the end…..


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