Wednesday, 21 March 2012

up close with Don Moen

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Yesterday was a big day for me; we celebrated again our Worship Night Convergence @ DECC Jebel Ali. I was so excited not only because I’m part of the choir, it’s also because we have a special guest…yeah! It’s Don Moen! Ooopss! but of course our main purpose is to really worship our almighty God above all! J

We thought he will not make it to the event because his flight had been delayed from Tennessee, so the praise and worship band really tried to usher the people into worship by the grace of God and indeed we really felt His presence. It was so amazing!!

And then it was already past 10pm when Don Moen arrived straight from the airport to Jebel Ali, everybody was so excited to see him in person and yes including me! hehe! It was a bit funny because everybody immediately had their camera and video on!! Hahaha! no exemptions! LOL

Teka na nonose bleed na ako!!! Ubos na isang rolyo ng tissue ko dito! :p

To make the long story short…the event was a success..posted some pics here! 
Apologies for how pixelated the images are!

some of the choir beauties!

my voice teacher hehe!

behind me?!!

Don Moen



Superjaid said...[Reply]

wow don moen. i love his songs.

Sendo said...[Reply]

looks u had a glorious night with God there

Leah. said...[Reply]

Si Don Moen! Napa English tuloy si iya. A glorious night.. :)

Diamond R said...[Reply]

awesome! gustong gusto ko ang mga kanta niya.

Bino said...[Reply]

congrats bff!!! at sali ka sa pakontest ko ha :D

McRICH said...[Reply]

naks naman dumudon moen, buti na-meet mo na sya, ako hindi pa!!

jedpogi said...[Reply]

ganda ng boses nyang si don...

Sey said...[Reply]

OMG si Don Moen, favorite ko mga songs niya, inintroduce sakin ng college best friend ko.

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