Saturday, 28 January 2012

i am....

Posted by iya_khin at 21:17

now that i have loved so purely and deeply,
i have realized how lonely i really am.....


Nate said...[Reply]

girl na girl ang blog.. :)

kiko said...[Reply]

i hope this is only the caption of the image not you iyah…

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@kiko i am...

Leah. said...[Reply]

Hala.. baka mabasa to ni lablayp mo, magtatampo yun.

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@Leah. yaen na.... :(

Anonymous said...[Reply]

kala ko di ka na mag emo ngayon?hehe

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@~ JaY RuLEZ ~ di ko mapigilan eh!

SunnyToast said...[Reply]

Sorry ang tagal ko di na visit ang blog mo and sorry di tayo nag kita na busy kc ako...I make some risky decision...but your blog is so pink now! I love it!

Wishing you the best of 2012!

ELAY said...[Reply]

I would not tell you "that's enough, stop crying, move on" because 1. I don't know your story and 2. it's okay to cry, it's okay not to be okay.


jhengpot said...[Reply]

hala bakit gento???

Leomer Apolonio said...[Reply]


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