Thursday, 21 February 2013

it's like....

Posted by iya_khin at 04:47

you ripped my heart out since the day you left me
i wasn't even ready for this but you have dug me my grave
so  i closed my eyes co'z you've left me with no choice
into the darkness you've tossed me, little demons rejoice!

six feet under i lay and fear surrounds me
hopeless i am no one knows  you buried me nicely
at the top of my lungs i screamed out so loud
my voice nobody can hear and to die is only what i'm allowed.

i'm screaming out your name can you hear me?
i'm screaming out your name  can you hear me?
i'm screaming out your name  can you hear me?
i'm screaming out for help but you ignored me...


khantotantra said...[Reply]

inperview!!! Ganda! At maslalo na ang pic!!! Panalo to!

MEcoy said...[Reply]

another emo poem ahh
ang angas ng pic ee nu
thumbs up as always
sana next time positive love poem naman ahh

ELAY said...[Reply]

I feel you, I really do.

someone told me that no words can comfort a broken heart. it's true..

all i can say is, keep going.. there's light at the end of the tunnel

Senyor Iskwater said...[Reply]

sobrang ganda... expert ka talaga sa mga mordib, bloody and violent na mga tema...


Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...[Reply]

nagulat naman ako dun sa larawan.... ikaw na talaga ang bagong idolo ko sa mga ganitong mga klaseng tula....

Anonymous said...[Reply]

ouch.. nice iya...nice din na pumayat ka na.. ako nalang ata ang mataba.. hahaha

Xander said...[Reply]

Ramdam ko ang sakit at pighati.. galing

bagotilyo said...[Reply]

ouch sa words at sa piktyur </3

kiko said...[Reply]

grabe mag bihis ka nga :p

Xan Gerna said...[Reply]

ayun naman eh.. na miss ko bumalik dito hehe..

parang ang bloody ng words heeh : )

Lalah said...[Reply]

woohh hinga mamalim and *tap* on ur shoulders.

telelala gandang gabi sa inyo po.

Traveliztera said...[Reply]

awwww :((

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