Monday, 25 July 2011

Project 101

Posted by iya_khin at 03:21

Olah!! I’m so freakening todeey! My so called workaholic was so tambaking dat is why eye dont no wat two do weneber I am wet u, I dont no wat two see may hurt es pluting in tirs wen u past bay I kud ply….

Why es des englishing of mind naw adays are so excitement?! Can’t help falling and dismaying! Please bear wet me okie?! I have bin so addicting during my last conversationing with Jasonhamster end Lordcm in FB, until now I can’t move!

Well, well, watevernever happily ever after. Da purpose off dis posting is my acknowledgement dat I already rich 101 post within just seven months only! O wow that is really cooling! So I have inputting hear guidelines end goals wat I wanting to do for my new endeavor!

OO korny na hmmp! Cge na nga it’s so difficulting na, kaya I’ll make it simplicity end clean…


1.       Die my hair in read color
2.       Cutting my finger snails
3.       Cleaning myself niece and twos
4.       Fingering my nose-trills
5.       Suruding my hair to remove the leeches
6.       Swim in sip tink tank
7.       Daydream at nyt
8.       To count the uncountable
9.       Twitch my kilikili with blade
10.   Beautificating myself is a mass!
(Repeat 10x til coda….)

+ 1 = Just to be korniks ones in a whale…

Warning: these are all side effects of boredom and lack of sleep, please don’t try this at home…



Anonymous said...[Reply]

So this is the epeks of boredom? Wow me is apreyd ob boredom now.. haha..

egG. said...[Reply]

ay bongga umaaccent sa 1st paragraph anong accent yan teh???? wrong spelling accent ba? charrrr!!

anyway highway.... yan pala ang epekto ng boredom jusme.. sana nagpa foot spa ka na lang teh.. tas nakipagchikahan ka dun sa naglilinis ng paa mo den make an arte arte scene ala mean girls para pampawala ng boredom.. sana yun na lang ginawa mo teh.. para instant feeling hollywood aktres....

dami ko lang sinabi. kalurkey... nabobore din kasi ako kaya mega comment lang.. teh... geh good luck sa buhay buhay mo jan.. go go go hanapin ang G spot!!!!!!

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@leah am started to gate apreyd off myself also!

@egg so long speech i have no understanding! langyang G spot na yan pahamak!! dinedemonyo ang utak ko! waaaaahh! ikaw asan ang G spot mo nahanap mo na din ba?! hahaha

khantotantra said...[Reply]

lels na lang sa comment :P

☆ ayu☆ said...[Reply] color talaga ah hehehe :D

Bino said...[Reply]

nakakatakaot palang mabored, umiienglish he3x

Leonrap said...[Reply]

ang hirap din siguro itype nyan noh?...

akala ko kung ano ung fifingerin mo... ilong mo pala... wahahahaha...

mayen said...[Reply]

haha.. pinahirapan mo talaga sarili mo sa bagong accent ah? hehe..

Makina ni Monik said...[Reply]

bakit boy bawang? ahahaha!

kayren said...[Reply]

wth.. nakakatakot pala pag na-bore ka!!

empi said...[Reply]

oh, its layk jejejmon. hehehe

Nortehanon said...[Reply]

Now you make me think what I would do if I get bored. Hhmn, come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I got bored hehehe

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