Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Posted by iya_khin at 04:27
Side by side laying down next to you
Touching you as I feel the warmth of your skin
Never have I imagined that we’ll be as close as this
Too good to be true but here now I’m with you.

I’ve searched for you all my life
Been into many places high and low
Crossed the deep blue ocean, 
Gazed upon the city skyline
and might see you in the twilight.

In the midst of my sanity I’ve waited
Listened to music ‘til my head bleeds
Held back myself though I’m about to fall
Clock’s ticking I’m almost tired chasing.

Then suddenly a door has opened
Went inside this cold dark room I was about to trip
And to my surprise someone was waiting
It was hiding underneath those black sheets.

You’re so cryptic never gave me a clue
All these years I’ve been looking for you
You’re supernatural that’s why I love you
Yes I found you covered with your tattoos.


Bino said...[Reply]

nanosebeleed ako hehehe. miss you too bff :D

Pareng Jay said...[Reply]

Nice metaphors.

* Pareng Jay was here

Superjaid said...[Reply]

based ba to sa real life? kung ganun happy ka na kasi nahanap mo na si mr tattoo. =D

ang ganda nung poem sis kanosebleed lang hihi

nyabach0i said...[Reply]

sino kaya tong covered in tattoo kembular na to?? yiiiii in love ka na?

KULAPITOT said...[Reply]

dumugo hnaggang ears ko hahaha ... gnada nito ha :)

Archieviner said...[Reply]

Nice. Ganda. :)

fiel-kun said...[Reply]

ganda ng poem, tagos sa puso :D

MEcoy said...[Reply]

wow galing tlga ni iya si this means goodbye emo days na?

Phioxee said...[Reply]

full of emotions. the best tong poem nato. pwedeng gawing kanta ;-)

just me,

glentot said...[Reply]

May fetish ka ba sa tattoos? LOL

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@glentot lol cguro nga! :p

bagotilyo said...[Reply]

tama bang nakakakita ako ng puso sa iyong mga mata? hehhe :)

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