Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Posted by iya_khin at 00:40

Everything is clear, now I can say
The doubts I have before makes me insane
Letting go was the hardest part I had made
Just when I thought I was flying
But my feet are inside my own coffin.

To think of it makes me sick
The insanity I had makes me shiver
I was so dumb and so clever
I dug my own grave
Thinking it’s now or never.

You hunted me and gave me sleepless night
You’re like a gum sticking inside of my mind
It’s so annoying, myself, I have to blame
Started as a smoke now I have to let go
Before it starts to flame.

Now I’m awake, my eyes are wide open
I see clearly now, I almost have fallen
The trap you had made for me
I crashed it and tossed it to the pit
I’ll never be on fire never will I be deceived.

I defeated you, now I can say
I won the battle that you wanted me to play
The thorns you gave didn’t struck me
The roses you offered stinks and disgusted me
You’re beauty is just an illusion
So untrue, I’ll never be betrayed by you.


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