Monday, 28 September 2009


Posted by iya_khin at 04:09
Last friday I celebrated my birthday without spending any single penny....but it was the best birthday i ever had! The whole day I was in the church serving my Lord our Lord,though I don't have anything to prepare for my birthday but indeed He provided for me. I can't explain what i'm feeling that day but i know He was so close to me, and even spoke to me regarding my struggles..that is why I made the CHECK MATE poem. He made me realized things which I am so afraid of..I thank Him for reminding me. And also for being so supportive of my friends,sis-bro in Christ though i'm feeling so home sick they comforted me...I love them all so much..

Now I realized that it's not how you celebrate your birthday but with whom you celebrate your birthday...Now I'm already 28 years old still young and a lot of things will still happen!


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