Wednesday, 18 April 2012

broken angel

Posted by iya_khin at 23:38

I’m just too dumb to give in
I hate myself
How foolish I am to trust so easily and give my heart all out
Now it’s broken again

I don’t know how many times I’ve mended it
Picking up the pieces together
Solving puzzles all by myself
Distorted inside and out

My heart is so weak I need a cure
A drug that would kill and washout all my feelings
I tried to be strong and to stand firm
But see now I’m losing my grip

All I need is to be loved…
Never be alone…
The world is so cruel..
Taking all away from me…

I’m tired…

You showed him all the best of you
But I'm afraid your best
Wasn't good enough
And know he never wanted you
At least not the way
You wanted yourself to be loved
And you feel like you were a mistake
He's not worth all those tears that won't go away


Anonymous said...[Reply]

emotional longing... :(

Bino said...[Reply]


ISTAMBAY said...[Reply]

pa hug din iyah...

tahan na :)

Superjaid said...[Reply]

ramdam na ramdam ko naman yung mga sinabi mo dito sis. napapaemote din tuloy ako. haaaay..

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