Saturday, 17 October 2009

Gone too soon....

Posted by iya_khin at 23:20

As time passes by, one by one I saw all of you cried.
It is so hard for me knowing that you’re all waiting to say goodbye.
Can’t help myself not cry, can’t do anything but to embrace you all for the last time.
Now left alone my peers are all gone, I might be the next or I might hang on….
My dear friends, nowhere….gone too soon….

PS: Dedicated to my friends who was terminated while working...
while the others are doing nothing.....ASSHOLES!!


kheed said...[Reply]

ouch! very sad story :(

ladyinadvance said...[Reply]

awwwww dats sad pero i guess mas magnda na din yun kesa naman nagtratrabaho at umaasang tatangap ka ng sahod sa katapusan.....

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