Thursday, 8 October 2009


Posted by iya_khin at 01:50

Be still little one
I’ll be here beside you all the time
Don’t cry my beloved
Everything will be just fine.

Tears in your eyes are droppin’
My heart’s aching, eyes are burnin’
Holding my pain so you’ll not see
I’ll be strong for you, keeping my faith for you.

I’ll sing you sweet lullaby
Be watching over you as you sleep
Gonna hide you in my arms
Nothing to worry, just close your eyes.

And as you grow I’ll be here to guide you
Always be here as long as you needed too
I’ll caress you the way you want
Even whisper that I love you, and that will always be true.


kheed said...[Reply]

very sweet lullabye..

saul krisna said...[Reply]

sarap siguro pag may gagawa sa akin nun... hahahaaha wishful thinking... anyway naa aliw ako sa posts mo.... hang ganda kasi

teka bakit yung "my mood" mo ay emo? broken hearted ka sis? share ka naman oh... makikinig si ko

iya_khin said...[Reply]

@kheed tenk yu

@saul tenk yu din, di ako broken hearted may napakabigat lang akog dinadala ngayon....huhu

ladyinadvance said...[Reply]

galing naman...haaiii how i wish i could compose a poem...hihihihihi...

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