Tuesday, 14 August 2018


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Standing alone at this bus stop
Waiting for a ride to take me home
Tired from the loads that the world has given me
On this point I am at the edge of giving up

I can’t express myself as no one is even there
The crowd is too busy to notice
People care less
To whom I would run to?

Battling with the tears that are about to fall
My chest aches as I hold my breath
This feelings that starts to engulf me
I am in distress, is this what I deserve?

I love in full, I gave in full
Now look at me, I am empty
Are those not enough that they still want to break me?
Broken I am, this I think is my destiny.

Many times I fell but I tried hard to pull back myself
This tiny heart of mine was torn apart
I mend it…I mend it…many times that i've lost count..
But now I’m too tired to do it all over again

All I asked was someone to grow old with
Someone who will choose and fight for me
They said they love me
How come now it is just me?


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